Sunday April 07, Paris

00.01 - 23.59
08.00 - 09.00
Bone structure in chronic arthritides
Chairpersons: ‣ Osvaldo D. Messina, ‣ Cristiano A. F. Zerbini
Biologic agents and bone loss in rheumatoid arthritis Willem Lems
Non invasive measurement of erosive disease with QCT and MRI in rheumatoid arthritis Jonathan D. Adachi
Value and limitations in HRpQCT imaging in chronic arthritides. Current status and future directions Klaus Engelke
IOF-FFN Joint symposium - Moving from treatment to prevention of new fractures
Chairpersons: ‣ Kristina Åkesson, ‣ Matt Costa
Getting the stars on the map Thierry Thomas
What are the potential uncertainties for trauma surgeons - e.g. fracture healing Andy Gray
The future of surgical fixation in fragile bone Matt Costa
Monitoring patients and tools for getting better Kassim Javaid
Capture the Fracture mentorship programme Donncha O’Gradaigh
Regenerative Medicine in degenerative joint diseases
Chairperson: ‣ George Skarpas
Regenerative Medicine definitions, techniques and joint applications. Where do we stand now? George Skarpas
Guidelines, Theories, Practice and Regulatory mechanisms for Stem Cell Therapy George Samoutis
The role of regenerative medicine in degenerative conditions of the spine. Is there really a role for it? Elias Papadopoulos
Regenerative medicine techniques need specially designed and individualized rehabilitation protocols for optimal results Eirini Kontopoulou
Women's special issues: osteoporosis 
Chairperson: ‣ Adriana Orcesi Pedro
Risk factors for osteoporosis: Frax-based intervention and assessment thresholds in Brazil Ben‑Hur Albergaria
Osteoporosis prevention and treatment on special situations during women's reproductive period Adriana Orcesi Pedro
Update on efficacy and safety of post-menopause hormone therapy and fracture prevention Bruno Muzzi Camargos
Question & Answers with audience
08.00 - 09.00
08.00 - 09.00
New insights in the management of Osteoarthritis: an update of the ESCEO algorithm for the management of the Osteoarthritis
Chairpersons: ‣ François Rannou, ‣ Cyrus Cooper
08:00 Welcome Cyrus Cooper
08:05 The 2014-2016 ESCEO Algorithm for the management of the Osteoarthritis Olivier Bruyère
08:15 New insights in the management of Osteoarthritis Cyrus Cooper
08:30 The updated ESCEO algorithm for the management of knee Osteoarthritis : Assessment of the various treatment modalities by GRADE Nicola Veronese
8:55 Discussion Roland Roth
Selection of relevant outcomes in sarcopenia: a Discrete Choice Experiment. Outcomes of an ESCEO consensus meeting
Chairpersons: ‣ Charlotte Beaudart, ‣ Mickaël Hiligsmann
08:00: Welcome and introduction Mickaël Hiligsmann
08:05: Identification and prioritization of important outcomes for patients in sarcopenia Charlotte Beaudart
08:20: A cross-european discrete choice experiment to assess patients’ preferences for sarcopenia outcomes Mickaël Hiligsmann
08:40: Discussion Alfonso Cruz Jentoft, Islene Araujo de Carvalho
08:55: Conclusion Charlotte Beaudart
Panel: ‣ Jürgen Bauer, ‣ Charlotte Beaudart, ‣ Olivier Bruyère, ‣ Cyrus Cooper, ‣ Alfonso Cruz Jentoft, ‣ Mickaël Hiligsmann, ‣ Francesco Landi, ‣ Stefania Maggi, ‣ Jean‑Yves Reginster, ‣ René Rizzoli, ‣ Yves Rolland
08.00 - 09.00
WIN - What is new in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine on Osteoarthritis
Chairpersons: ‣ Fitnat Dincer, ‣ Michael Quittan
W.I.N. - What is new in Hand Osteoarthritis? Update in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine on Hand Osteoarthritis Fitnat Dincer
W.I.N. - What is new in Knee Osteoarthritis? Update in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine on Knee Osteoarthritis Michael Quittan
W.I.N - What is New in Hip Osteoarthritis? Update in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine on Hip Osteoarthritis Raquel Valero
09.00 - 10.00
Obesity, bone and muscle
Roland D. Chapurlat
Androgens: a role in bone and muscle disorders management?
Jean‑Marc Kaufman
Atypical femoral fracture: stage in 2019
Emmanuel Biver
Pitfalls in identification of vertebral fracture
Christian Roux
Muscle strength/power assessment and outcomes
Olivier Bruyère, ‣ Charlotte Beaudart, ‣ Mylène Aubertin‑Leheudre
10.00 - 12.00
Chairpersons: ‣ Şansın Tüzün, ‣ Famida Jiwa
Plenary Lecture 9
‣ Vitamin D: how much is too much?
Bess Dawson‑Hughes
Oral communication selected from abstracts
Plenary Lecture 10
‣ Dietary protein, dairy and bone: devils or angels?
René Rizzoli
12.00 - 13.00
Osteoarthritis and vascular aging
Chairperson: ‣ Sekib Sokolovic
Introduction Sekib Sokolovic
The impact of osteoarthritis on aging Sansin Tüzün
The crosstalk between vessels, bone and cartilage: does it exist Marius Miglinas
Osteaorthritis and vascular aging Sekib Sokolovic
Approach to Osteoporotic Hip Fractures
Chairpersons: ‣ Berrin Durmaz, ‣ Sema Oncel
Osteoporotic Hip Fractures: Are we able to prevent? Yesim Kirazli
Pharmacological Treatment after Hip Fractures: When and How? Ozlem El
Adherence to Pharmacological Treatment of Osteoporosis Yesim Gokce Kutsal
Rehabilitation after Hip Fractures Funda Calis
Prevention of Complications Following Hip Fractures Ozlen Peker
Osteonecrosis of the jaw management in the clinical setting
Chairperson: ‣ Bruno Muzzi Camargos
Pathophysiology and Risk Factors Oscar Rosero Olarte
Biochemical markers and Imaging use on ONJ Bruno Muzzi Camargos
Osteosteoporosis Therapies and ONJ. Adriana Medina Orjuella
Clinical scenarios #1: Oral invasive procedures pre-op patients Monique Chalem
Clinical scenarios #2: Oral invasive procedures pre-op patients Ana Karina Sarmiento Lievano
Osteosarcopenia: Elucidating bone, muscle and fat interactions
Chairperson: ‣ Gustavo Duque
Osteosarcopenia: Where bone, muscle and fat collide Gustavo Duque
Diagnostic approach to osteosarcopenia Bjoern Buering
Osteosarcopenia: Potential Therapeutic Interventions Liang‑Kung Chen
Exercice with or without nutrition as countermeasures of dynapenia in older adults
Chairpersons: ‣ Bertrand Fougère, ‣ Fanny Buckinx, ‣ Mylène Aubertin‑Leheudre
How to maintain muscle quality: the secret of a successful aging Bertrand Fougère
Exercise to prevent muscle function in dynapenic or non-dynapenic older adults: one fits for all? Mylène Aubertin‑Leheudre
Impact of nutrition during exercise intervention on muscle adaptation in older adults Fanny Buckinx